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Handyman King Singapore

Handyman King Singapore Pte Ltd. provides an Extensive range of specialties and their main services are Electrical

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Electrical Services Provider

You have suddenly faced a problem with the electrical systems of your home in Singapore. What will you do? You can contact us because Handyman King is the best to provide electrical services Singapore. We have expert electricians to install

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Best Lights Installation Service

Why Need Light Installation And Electrical Wiring Services. If you are interested to know why professional light installation and electrical wiring services are important?

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Door Repair Services Singapore

Do you have a damaged door that does not work correctly? You want to home door repair service company to repair your home door.

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Polishing service Singapore

Our busy working life in Singapore means we have little time for cleaning and taking care of our house. Our floor may not be properly cleaned weekly. We have kids and pets that creates marks and scratches on the floor.

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Plumbing Services Singapore

Handyman King is among the well-established plumbing service companies in Singapore that provide solutions for all of your plumbing needs. Our team of licensed plumbers work fast and efficiently and are willing to serve you anytime and anywhere, be it day or night and at central locations or peripheral areas.

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Wardrobe and Cabinet Repair

Wardrobe, Cabinet and doors repair are not uncommon in Singapore. It is frustrating when these little things fail to figure properly in our homes. From sliding doors to kitchen cabinets, it’s not surprising to possess a broken lock or a loose hinge.

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water heaters are commonly installed in homes to supply warm water to the bathroom or the kitchen. Imagine taking a bath early in the morning only to find ice cold water instead of warm water.

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Sink Tap Repair & Replacement

Taps are an integral part of all households in Singapore. They can be found in the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage and even in the backyard. Due to the frequent usage, it’s vital to form sure that they’re in good working condition.

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Office Moving & Cleaning Services

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder is your one-stop destination for moving out cleaning services and giving your rental a makeover cleaning at the end of your tenancy! When you move out of your office, rental apartment or house in Singapore,

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Landscaping services in Singapore

Handyman King Landscaping Service is one of the most experienced and reliable landscaping contractors in Singapore. Beautiful landscapes are the enjoyment of each professional landscaping company Singapore,

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TV Bracket Installation singapore

Handyman Singapore can assist you to get that at-home theater atmosphere.

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Best Kitchen cabinet Repair Singapore

Kitchen cabinet repair services involve fixing or replacing damaged parts of kitchen cabinets. Some common issues that may require repair include broken hinges, damaged drawers, loose handles, or warped cabinet doors.

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Painting services Singapore

You have suddenly faced a problem with the electrical systems of your home in Singapore. What will you do? You can contact us because Handyman King is the best to provide electrical services Singapore.

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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Air conditioning is a major part of our Singaporean life. We’d like cool and refreshed air to make sure the comfort for our body all day long. So ensure that your air conditioners are maintained regularly.

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Residential Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith Service 2023 Professional Emergency Locksmith service in Singapore. Handyman king Provides expert Locksmith services in Singapore for 24 hours.

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Water Tap Faucet Installation, Replacement & Repair

if your kitchen sink tap does not work correctly, you need to repair it quickly to add value to your kitchen. Our team is an expert in replacing any kitchen, bathroom, or wash basin faucet. We can prove it through our work

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Handyman King Singapore Pte Ltd.  provides an Extensive range of specialties and their main services are Electrical, Plumbing, Water Heater installation, Painting, Locksmith replacement/installation, furniture assembly, and TV bracket installation. Handyman King, All of their handyman services in Singapore is applicable to both residential and commercial areas. We are open 7 days a week so you can call for Our services whenever you’re available. Handyman King is Your Trusted services in Singapore 

Handyman Services Singapore


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Dorcas Yemi Sholanke seo

Excellent service. Quick to respond with a call back from the locksmith. Came that day a few hours later. Was fast and experienced and charged a reasonable rate. Awesome service, thank you. ”handyman king services

Christina Thorsen Designation

“Service was efficient, and timely. I’m happy that handyman was able to arrive so quickly. I can’t really speak Chinese, so i did find communication a small issue, but in the end we managed. I’d recommend to make sure to ask for best price.”

Stephanie Wong manager

Jacky called very soon after I enquired with Jessica on their services. He did a great job in fixing the jammed sliding door of my wardrobe. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Handyman-king to my friends.”

    Handyman King (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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