Door Repair Services Singapore

Handyman King is Specialized in Door repair Service in Singapore


Why Need Door Repair Services?

If you do not maintain a door properly, you face problems with your entries.The common problems with doors are:

  • Door hinge problems
  • Broken door lock problems
  • Expansion of wood due to moisture
  • Rotted door or door frames 
  • Broken Glass Door problems
  • Door access system problem 

You need to repair your home or office doors to save it from future damage.

Door Repair Services by a man

Door Repair Services Offered by Handyman King

Handyman King offered any kind of door repair service overall in Singapore at a low cost. 

Door Repair Singapore

Do you have a damaged door that does not work correctly? You want to home door repair service company to repair your home door.  Handyman King, a door installation and repairs company, offers pro-level door repair services in Singapore.  We repair various types of doors. You can see it in the undertaken list.

Home door repair

Home Door Repair Services Singapore

Handyman King provides Singapore door repair services for a long time with trust. We have expert door repair installers and damage repair technicians. So we provide many door repair services in Singapore. The undertaken door repair services are:  

Need help for repair service?

If you need help for door installation service. You can call to us.

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Folding and Sliding Door Repair Services in Singapore

Are you looking for a folding and sliding Door Repair Services company in Singapore? Handyman King is an expert in providing sliding door repair services Singapore. We are specialists to repair the undertaken sliding doors:

  • wooden sliding door repairs
  • balcony sliding door repair
  • sliding glass door repair
  • patio sliding door repair
  • sliding railing repair
Folding and Sliding Door Repair

Glass Door Repair Services Singapore

Do you want a door repair services company that is an expert in glass door repair services? Handyman King provides glass door repair services in Singapore. They offer the service for broken glass door replacement and bathroom glass door repair.

Glass Door Repair Services Singapore

Door Lock Repair and Replacement services

Handyman King is recommended for door repair services in Singapore. We are great expertise in lock and door repair services. We offer the following services:  

Door Stopper and Floor Spring Repair or Replacement

Handyman King offers door stopper repair, floor spring repair, door closer repair, and wooden door floor spring repair services in Singapore.

Door Frame Repair and Replacement

Broken door frames in an apartment are a vital issue for people. Sometimes it makes the question of prestige, so everyone needs to fix the problem of their home doors. The difficulties are not only the doors but also the door frames. So Handyman King provides the undertaken services: 

  • Door frame repair  
  • Rotted door frame repair
  • Damaged door frame repair 
  • Split door frame repair 
  • Broken door frame repair 
  • Bedroom door frame repair  
  • Exterior door frame repair and replacement 
  • Front door frame repair 
  • Door jamb repair
  • Steel door frame repair
  • Repair aluminum door frame
door & Hinge Replacement service singapore

Door Hinge Replacement in Singapore

Handyman King is best for providing door hinge repair Singapore. We provide 24-hour door hinge repair service in Singapore. Our door hinge repair and replacement services are included in the following.

  • Cabinet door hinge repair
  • Broken door hinge repair
  • Toilet glass door hinge replacement
  • Adjusting door hinge repair and replacement
  • Repair cabinet door hinge hole
  • Commercial door pivot hinge repair
  • Garage door hinge repair
  • Garage door hinge replacement
  • Loose door hinge repair
  • Wooden cabinet hinge repair
  • Broken garage door hinge and roller replacement

Gate Repair Services Singapore

The gate is an important factor in commercial or residential areas. When the gate is damaged, it needs to repair. Handyman King provides trusted gate repair services in Singapore. Gate repair services are below

  • Wooden gate repair.
  • Metal gate repair. 
  • Rolling gate repair.
  • Automatic gate repair and Installation.
  • Garage gate repair.
  • Electronic gate repair.
Gate Repair Services Singapore

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    Aluminum door repair and Installation services Singapore

    We, the Handyman King, offer aluminum door repair services Singapore. Commercial aluminum door repair is one of them. The others are Glass aluminum door repair, aluminum storefront door repair, and aluminum double door installation service.

    Handyman King Process for Door Repair Services

    Handyman King understands the importance of a functional and secure door for your home or business. Our process for door repair services is reliable to ensure that your door is restored to its best condition.

    • We conduct a comprehensive inspection of the door to determine the extent of the damage.
    • Identify any underlying issues that make the damage.
    • We create a personalized repair plan based on the specific needs of your door.
    • Our experienced technicians use top-quality tools and materials to carry out the repair.
    • We conduct a final check to ensure that the door is fully functional, secure, and up-to-code.

    Handyman King Door Repair Services Cost

    Are you searching for fair rated door repair cost to repair door? Door repair price depends on the door’s category and quality. Such as door damage repair costs, front door repair cost, door frame replacement cost, and garage door repair cost, which is not the same. If you want to know in detail, contact us 

    Why Choose Handyman King?

    If you’re looking for reliable and efficient door repair services, look no Handyman King. With years of experience: 

    • Our team of skilled technicians is expertise to handle any door repair requirements you may have. 
    • We understand the importance of doors in your home or business, and that’s why we offer prompt and affordable solutions. 
    •  If you’re dealing with a broken hinge, a damaged lock, or any other type of issue, we have the tools and expertise to do the job right the first time. 
    • We are available 24/7 to help you.
    • Choose Handyman King for your door repair needs and experience the highest quality and satisfaction.

    Contact Us for Door Repair Services

    If you’re in need of door repair services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to provide you with top-notch repair services for all types of doors, from sliding glass doors to wooden entry doors. So, whether your door requires a simple repair or a complete replacement, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today to schedule your door repair service and let us help you restore the safety and functionality of your home. Call button

    FAQ about Door Repair Services

    Q1. Is it better to fix a door or replace it?

    Ans. Door repair is much cheaper than door replacement. After an assessment of the door, you can make a better decision.

    Q2. How much does it cost to fix a door with a hole?

    Ans. The cost of repairing the hole depends on the size of the hole. If it is a glass door or solid steel door hole, you spend $50 to $100 to fix and repair it.

    Q3. How to repair the interior door?

    Ans. If you want to repair the interior door, you need to follow a guide on interior door repair. Visit our blog to read it.

    Q4. How do you repair a wooden door?

    Ans.  If you want to repair the wooden door, you need to follow a guide on wooden door repair. Visit our blog to read it.

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