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As a 15-year experienced sliding door repair professional in Singapore, we understand the unique challenges that come with maintaining the various types of sliding doors found in homes and businesses across the island. 

Whether it’s a balcony sliding glass door, a pocket system sliding door in the kitchen, or a sliding barn door in your living room, our team of skilled technicians has the expertise to diagnose and fix it fast. 

Save time and money on reliable repairs. Get it done right the first time with a guaranteed solution from a trusted professional.

Sliding Door Repair Services We provide Across Singapore

Our expertise covers everything from simple roller replacements to complex pocketed sliding door repairs.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common issues we tackle:

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Glass door repair by handyman king

Cracked or shattered glass, worn rollers, misaligned tracks – our technicians have seen it all when it comes to sliding glass doors. We’ll carefully assess the issue and get your glass sliding door back to smooth, seamless operation..

Sliding Door Lock Repair

Professional door lock repair Singapore

A stuck or broken lock on a sliding door can be a significant security and safety concern. Our team specializes in sliding door lock repair, ensuring your home or business stays protected.

Sliding Door Track Repair

Over time, sliding door tracks can become bent, damaged, or obstructed, causing the door to stick or come off the rails entirely. We’ll replace or realign tracks to get your sliding door gliding effortlessly.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Repairs

Sliding wardrobe doors see a lot of daily use, which can lead to worn rollers, binding, or other issues. Our technicians will get your wardrobe sliding doors back to full functionality.

Sliding Door Roller Repair

Faulty or worn-out rollers are one of the most common problems we encounter with sliding doors. We’ll replace old rollers with high-quality components to restore smooth, easy operation.

Condo Sliding Door Repair

Whether it’s a sliding glass door leading to the balcony or a pocket sliding door separating rooms, our team has the expertise to handle any sliding door repair needed in Singapore condominiums.

Aluminium Sliding Door Repairs

Aluminum frames are a popular choice for sliding doors, but they require specialized care. We know how to service and repair aluminum sliding doors to keep them looking and functioning at their best.

Wooden Sliding Door Repairs

Wooden sliding doors are a standard fixture in many Singapore homes for a more traditional look. Our technicians are skilled in repairing warping, sticking, and other issues with wooden sliding doors.

balcony door repair

The bottom-rolling system used in most balcony sliding doors means the rollers bear a significant amount of weight and wear down over time. We’ll get your balcony sliding door gliding smoothly again.

Sliding Glass Door Handle Repair

Glass Door Handle Repair

A broken or malfunctioning sliding door handle can be a real nuisance. We’ll quickly replace or repair the handle to restore full functionality.

Patio Sliding Door Repair

Patio sliding doors take a lot of abuse from the elements. Our team knows how to maintain and repair patio sliding doors to keep your outdoor living space accessible and secure.

Sliding Barn Doors Repair

The exposed track and rollers on sliding barn doors require specialized care. We have the parts and know-how to service and repair this trending door style.

Emergency Sliding Door Repair in Singapore

Emergencies with sliding doors in Singapore can happen at any time because of disruptions and security concerns. So, emergency sliding door repair services are vital to address issues like jammed mechanisms, broken glass, or complete malfunctions. Our Experienced technicians arrive on-site within a few hours to assess the problem and provide a quick solution, minimizing downtime and conforming to the safety and functionality of the sliding door.

Emergency Sliding Door Repair in Singapore

Sliding Door Repair Prices in Singapore

Our sliding door repair cost depends on the following factors:

  • Type and size of the sliding door
  • The extent of damage or Repair required
  • Location and accessibility of the door
  • Complexity of the repair work
  • Labor and parts costs of the service provider.

    Sliding Door Repair Service

    Price Range

    Minor Repair (e.g. replacing rollers, adjusting track)

    Contact for Ask

    Major Repair (e.g. replacing glass panel, repairing frame)

    Contact for Ask

    Full Replacement of Sliding Door

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    Emergency/After-Hours Callout Fee

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So you can contact us before proceeding with any work. We offer free on-site assessments to provide an accurate price estimate.

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