Door Frame Repair and Replacement Service

You can cover door frame repair in Singapore. Our expert team will provide door repair in 30 minutes.

door frame repair Service & installation Singapore

Are you looking for a door frame repair expert in Singapore? We are professional in door frame repair and installation service. Our team member works with all customers to achieve. We provide all kinds of door frame repairs such as Wooden doors, glass doors, aluminum frames with glass doors, bi-fold doors, and sliding doors. We provide fast service with 100% satisfaction.
Handyman King offers door repair and replacement in office, home, restaturant, school. college and commercial such as shops, bars other service.

Door frame Categories

Here are 3 categories.
1. Woor: It is a common door frame material in a housing.
2. Composite: Composite wood without the inclination to splinter and fissure.
3. Metal: Steel are add to commons in workplace building.

Why you choose us for door frame repair in singapore?

We are the best door frame installation service in Singapore. We have an experienced expert team. They always try to provide the best service. Besides, our main goal is high-quality repair service overall in Singapore.

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Door frame repair service cost

Service costs depend on your total door length repair. How many doors do you want to repair? Don’t worry about service costs. You can directly call us or sign up on our contact page. Then our expert team also call you to take full details and service price. You can visit the door repair service page for full details.

Tips of Door frame

  1. Measurement and Planning:

    • Measure the opening accurately before purchasing or constructing a door frame.
    • Ensure the frame fits well within the space, allowing for smooth door operation.
  2. Material Selection:

    • Choose a durable and appropriate material for your door frame, such as wood, metal, or composite materials.
    • Consider the climate and environment to select a material that can withstand weather conditions.
  3. Installation:

    • Follow manufacturer guidelines or hire a professional for proper installation.
    • Ensure the frame is level and plumb to prevent issues with the door’s operation.
  4. Reinforcement:

    • Reinforce the door frame for added security. This is especially important for exterior doors.
    • Use longer screws that anchor the frame into the surrounding structure, making it more resistant to forced entry.
  5. Sealing and Insulation:

    • Apply weatherstripping or sealant to prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency.
    • Proper insulation helps with temperature control and soundproofing.
  6. Maintenance:

    • Regularly inspect and maintain the door frame, addressing any issues promptly.
    • Repaint or seal wooden frames as needed to protect against moisture and decay.
  7. Hinges and Hardware:

    • Install quality hinges and hardware to ensure smooth door operation.
    • Regularly check and tighten loose screws on hinges and other components.
  8. Aesthetics:

    • Consider the aesthetic aspect of the door frame to complement the overall design of the space.
    • Choose finishes and colors that match or enhance the surrounding décor.

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