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Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet repair service singapore? handyman king, a professional kitchen Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet repair service in Singapore? Handyman King, a professional kitchen cabinet repair Contractor in Singapore, can help restore the functionality and appearance of your cabinets, which can improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Contact experienced and skilled technicians in Singapore.

Kitchen cabinet repair services involve fixing or replacing damaged parts of kitchen cabinets. Some common issues that may require repair include broken hinges, damaged drawers, loose handles, or warped cabinet doors.

Common Kitchen Cabinet Issues

There are several common issues with kitchen cabinets. Here are a few examples:

Loose hinges

Over time, the screws holding the hinges in place can become loose, causing the door to sag or not close properly.

Damaged finish

The finish on the cabinets can become scratched or faded, which can make them look worn out or outdated.

Warped doors

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause the wood to expand or contract, which can result in doors that no longer fit properly.

Broken drawer slides 

The slides that allow drawers to open and close smoothly can become damaged or worn out, making it difficult to use the drawers.

Water damage 

If cabinets are exposed to water, such as from a leaky faucet or dishwasher, it can cause the wood to warp or rot.

Loose handles or knobs 

The hardware on cabinets can become loose over time, making it difficult to open and close doors and drawers.

These issues need repair.

Handyman King Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services List

Kitchen Cabinet Door Repair and Replacement

Loose or faulty hinges of kitchen cabinet makes problems. Handyman King kitchen cabinet door repair and replacement service in Singapore includes

  • Fixing broken or damaged cabinet doors 
  • Realigning misaligned doors 
  • Replacing hinges and handles 
  • Upgrading to new cabinet doors if necessary

Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Repair and Replacement

If you need to repair and replace of kitchen cabinet drawer, handyman King provides 

  • Repairing or replacing worn-out drawer slides 
  • Fixing broken or stuck drawers 
  • Aligning drawers for smooth operation

Kitchen Cabinet Surface Repairs and Refinishing

Is your kitchen cabinet surface Scratched, dented, or chipped? Are you looking for kitchen cabinet surface repairs and refinishing service in Singapore, look for the Handyman King kitchen cabinet repair service provider in Singapore. We offer

  • Repairing scratches, dents, and chipped surfaces 
  • Refinishing and repainting cabinets 
  • Enhancing the appearance with new finishes or laminates
Surface Repairs and Refinishing
Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Hardware Upgrades and Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Handyman King hardware upgrades and kitchen cabinet installation service includes

  • Upgrading outdated or dysfunctional hardware 
  • Installing new handles, knobs, or pulls or new kitchen cabinet 
  • Enhancing functionality with modern hardware options

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    Water damage or Warping Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

    Water damage or warping kitchen cabinet repair service includes

    • Assessing water damage extent 
    • Repairing or replacing water-damaged cabinet parts 
    • Preventing further water damage and ensuring proper sealing
    Water damage or Warping Kitchen Cabinet

    Customization and Modifications

    Handyman King also provides customization and modification services for kitchen cabinets. We offer 

    • Adjusting cabinet sizes or configurations  
    • Adding additional shelves or dividers 
    • Customizing cabinets to suit specific needs

    Handyman King Kitchen Cabinet Repair Services Process

    Assessment: The kitchen cabinet repair technicians assess the extent of the damage to the cabinets and determine what repairs are needed.

    Preparation: skilled technicians prepare the area by removing any items from the cabinets and protecting surrounding surfaces.

    Repair: The kitchen cabinet repair technicians make the necessary repairs, such as tightening loose hinges, replacing broken drawer slides, or fixing water damage.

    Refinishing: If needed, the cabinet repair service may refinish the cabinets to restore their appearance.

    Clean up: The repair service technician cleans up the work area and disposes of any debris.

    Inspection: Handyman King technician inspects the cabinets to ensure that the repairs have been completed to a high standard.

    Overall, the process may vary depending on the specific needs of the cabinets and the repair service’s approach.

    Why Choose Handyman King for Kitchen Cabinet Repair?

    There are several reasons to choose Handyman King for kitchen Cabinet repairs.

    These are:

    • Experienced and Skilled Technicians 
    • Quality Materials and Tools 
    • Attention to Detail and Customer Satisfaction 
    • Timely and Efficient Service 
    •  Affordable and Transparent Pricing
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    Kitchen Cabinet Repair Cost offered by Handyman King

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