Air Conditioning Repairing in Singapore

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With the improvement of technologies, we are blessed with different electronic devices. All these make our life even easier and hassle-free. The air conditioner is undoubtedly one of them. Nowadays It is an essential part of many homes, offices, shopping malls, and others. Especially you cannot deny the importance of it in humid or hot regions. In this article, Air Conditioning Repairing in Singapore, we will share a real customer experience with the details of the issues.

Air Conditioning Repairing in Singapore

Air Conditioning Repairing in Singapore

Is this air conditioning system out of problems? Unfortunately, it is not free of faults. Like other electronic devices, you may face many problems with its functionality and others. Various kinds of problems can arise and hamper the service. You may also get tired of finding the best solution.

No more worry. “Handyman King” is always beside you for solving any kind of electronic device problem. “Customer satisfaction” is the main motto of their service. They try their heart and soul to provide the best service on an affordable budget to their clients.

Recently they had received a case of faulty air conditioner system from their valuable client. He had been facing problems with its functionality for the last few days. As a result, it wasn’t working properly. Although he tried by himself to fix the problem but failed. Finally, he called the team Handy King for repairing the air-conditioning system.

Handyman King’s professional team reached there and tried to know the history of the problem from the client. Then the customer complained about the aircon timer light blinking. Then the team started to find out the actual problem. Because the aircon timer light blinking could happen for many reasons. So they start finding the main error code. Although the team guessed about the faulty PCB. But want to check it thoroughly.

Observe the unit

At first, they observe the unit to find out whether it had any other strange signs or behavior? If it beeps or made any sound then it needed to be cleaned. But nothing happened like that.

Air Circulation

Air Conditioning Repairing Systems

Next, they tried to find out whether it had a lack of air circulation or not. As insufficient air circulation can make the aircon timer blinking.

Refrigerant Leakage & Filter

Then look at the refrigerant leakage and air filter. If you don’t clean the air filter regularly it can create problems in its functionality. Here, they failed to get something like this.

Condenser checking

After that, the team checked out the condenser. Also, didn’t find anything significant there.

Faulty PCB

Air Conditioning Repairing in Singapore - Faulty PCB

Finally, after checking all, the team found the indoor PCB was faulty. This Printed Circuit Board(PCB) is the main control circuit that controls the temperature. Basically, this is a small high powered chip used in the indoor unit of an air-conditioner. So they replace new PCB for the fan coil unit.

After repairing it, the air conditioner system started running smoothly. Also, the indoor found in a normal condition.

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