Sliding Door Installation and Repair

Are you looking for sliding door installation, repair and replacement company in Singapore to fix your sliding doors issues?

Common problems with Sliding door That We Fix

Sometimes, we face issues with the sliding doors of our houses and offices. In our sliding door replacement or installation experience, we have seen some major problems with sliding doors.

  1. Sliding doors get stuck – Over time, they accumulate dirt, dust, or debris that prevents them from smoothly sliding open and closed. The wheels or tracks holding the door become misaligned or damaged.
  2. Noisy doors – Old sliding doors often become noisy from wear and tear on the wheels or tracks. The squeaking and grinding sounds mean parts need lubrication or replacement. 
  3. Doors don’t lock properly—The locking mechanism on sliding doors fails to latch securely or gets stuck in the closed position. If the door doesn’t lock to keep intruders out, it is a security issue.
  4. Glass breaks or cracks – The glass panels used in sliding doors are susceptible to breaking if impacted by objects. The glass can develop hairline cracks over many open/close cycles from everyday stress and use.
  5. Drafts and leaks—The seals and weatherstripping around sliding doors deteriorate over time. It allows air, allergens, and insects to enter or exit around the edges of the door, causing discomfort and raising energy bills.

If you face any issues, you can contact Handyman King, Singapore’s reliable sliding door installation service.

Our Sliding Door Installation Services List

At Handyman King. We install several types of sliding doors and solve the problems of sliding doors.

  • aluminum sliding door installation
  • automatic sliding door installation
  • sliding glass shower door installation
  • 3-panel sliding shower door installation
  • soft closing sliding door system installation
  • frameless sliding shower door installation
  • sliding glass door installation
  • sliding patio door installation
  • Instal sliding door roller
  • install sliding closet doors
  • install sliding door stopper
  • install sliding door lock
  • sliding wardrobe doors
  • installing sliding doors on the interior
  • sliding patio door installation
  • install sliding barn door
  • install sliding closet doors lowes
  • install sliding door wheel
Sliding Door Installation

Sliding Door Installation Cost

We fix the installation cost of sliding doors based on preparation, hardware Included, material, type of doors, size, Installation difficulty, and labor rates.

You can quote us to determine reasonable budget expectations without overspending.

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