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Professional Painting Services in Singapore. Update your living space or working space with our 

cheapest painting services Singapore.

Our Philosophy

At Handyman King, We believe in the Quality and Affordability of painting services that fit your unique lifestyle.

Why Handyman king Professional Painting Services in Singapore

Our paint expertise ensures we can always make you a promise.

  • Certified Professional Painters
  • Timely Completion
  • Customized Painting Solutions
  • Affordable painting services price list
  • No hidden cost
  • No dilution of paint
  • Two coats for a lasting finish
  • Excellent customer service
  • Protection for your home and furniture
  • 1 Year interior painting service warran
Why Handyman king Professional Painting Services in Singapore

Our Professional Painting Services in Singapore

  • House/Room painting 
  • HDB painting 
  • Condo painting 
  • Office painting 
  • Interior/ Exterior painting
  • Wall painting
  • Retail Shop Painting 
  • Factory Workshop Painting 
  • Landed Property Painting 
  • Furniture Painting Service
  • Kitchen cabinet painting 
  • Front door painting Services

More About our Services

House painting services

Our House painters at Handyman King offer high-quality indoor and outdoor painting services in Singapore. It includes room painting, HDB painting, furniture painting, wall painting, front door painting, kitchen cabinet painting, and more. We have 15 years of experience in home painting, so if you take a painting service from us, you will get your home’s attractiveness and resale value. Overall, we offer reliable painting services at the most competitive rates in Singapore.

cheapest painting services
Furniture Painting Services

Furniture Painting Services

Furniture Painting helps you transform old, outdated, or worn-out furniture into stylish and modern pieces, and it is a cost-effective way to revamp your furniture without investing in new pieces. We offer customized finishing and furniture restoration services. If you want to get high-quality services that enhance the beauty and functionality of your furniture, contact us.

Room painting services

Painting gives a fresh and updated look if you want to renovate your home or a specific room. You can also remove worn, stained, or damaged and create a desired atmosphere for your rooms. Trust our room painting service to reflect your style and preferences.

Floor painting services

If you desire a sleek and modern look or a classic and elegant style on your floor, our floor painting services can bring your vision to life. We specialize in painting various types of floors, including hardwood, concrete, and tiles. Our skilled team has expertise in adapting painting techniques to suit different surfaces.

Office painting service

A well-painted office creates a positive and professional environment for employees and clients. So, we provide customized office painting services designed for each client’s specific needs. Our painters have skilled knowledge of different paint types, color schemes, and techniques. We also care about disruption during the painting process. So we offer flexible scheduling options, such as after-hours or weekends, to ensure minimal discording with business activities. If you choose our painting service, you will get quality materials, timely project completion, competitive prices, and more.

office painting service

Interior painting services

We offer interior painting services for your building or space. It includes walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and other interior surfaces. Our expert painters know surface preparation color selection for your interior space and use various techniques and tools to apply the paint evenly and smoothly on interior surfaces. If you think about paint splatters or debris, don’t worry; we clean up your space and re-arrange your furniture after finishing our painting project.

Exterior painting services

Our exterior painting includes the walls, doors, windows, trim, and other exterior elements. Suppose you want to take exterior painting services to enhance the visual appeal of a building and protection against damage. Hire us to add value to your property.

HDB painting services

We offer HDB painting services for those who live in HDB flats in Singapore. You should maintain some specific requirements and limitations when you want to paint your flats. Our professional painters are well known about the regulations. We also provide high-quality materials so that your paint looks excellent and latest for a long time.

HDB painting service

Condo painting services

We have professional expertise in handling painting in condominiums in Singapore. Our experts are familiar with navigating any restrictions, guidelines, or regulations the condo management or homeowners’ association sets. We offer customized solutions to meet each customer’s specific preferences and style. Although painting a condo is time-consuming and labor-intensive, use our premium paints and techniques to save your valuable time and resale value.

Explore Our Painting Services Price List.

We have a painting service price list so that you can determine the cost of different painting services in Singapore and compare them with other providers. You will also consider our transparent pricing, hidden costs and customized packages from our painting price list. It will also help you decide when you choose a painting service based on your budget.

Our Competitive Pricing of painting services in Singapore

Per Room Painting Packages

Painting Space


Standard-sized room (walls only)


Standard-sized room (walls and ceiling)


Main bedroom suite (including walls, ceiling, and trim)



HDB apartment painting package

Painting Space


Studio Apt/2-room


3 room HDB apartment


HDB 4-room/5-room/5-room executive


Whole House Painting Package

Painting Space


490 sqft


491-700 sqft


701-1000 sqft


Furniture Painting Packages

Dining table and chairs




Kitchen cabinet set


Custom furniture pieces (price per item)

Call us.

Door and Trim Painting Packages

Interior door painting (per door)


Door frame and trim painting (per room)


Office Painting Packages

Standard-sized office room (walls only)


Standard-sized office room (walls and ceiling)


Our Professional Painting Approach

At Handyman King, we are selling our painting services in Singapore. Here is what you get from our professional painting services.

  • Free Pre-Painting Site Inspection- 
  • Moving and protecting your furniture.
  • Replace of furniture after painting.
  • Digital personalization color selecting option.
  •  Professional Painters with high-quality materials and advanced painting tools.
  • 1 1-year Interior Paint Warranty

Why choose Handyman King for painting

Cheapest Painting Services in Singapore

Are you looking to update your living or working space without spending much money? At Handyman King we offer the cheapest painting service in Singapore. You can achieve a fresh and updated look with our cost-effective options for painting. We have skilled professionals and use quality materials for you. Please check our painting solutions below.

Affordable Painting Solutions

Our company offers affordable painting solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Our painters are dedicated to providing high-quality service for you. So you can trust our cost-effectiveness for exceptional painting services. 

Quality and Savings

We always focus on your savings and our service quality when we start a painting project and try to deliver costs reasonable service for you. If you take our painting services, you will receive outstanding results and enjoy significant savings. Stop overspending with our affordable painting service.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our painting services in Singapore always focus on your unique needs and preferences. So, we offer personalized solutions for your specific requirements. When you think about your budget, we think of your satisfaction. Our experienced painters are always faithful to give an outstanding outcome and your satisfaction.  

Reliable Painting Services in Singapore

Our expertise in painting services delivers outstanding results for our customers in Singapore. We understand the importance of punctuality and meeting deadlines. So when you choose our painting services, you will get the project within the agreed timeframe. We also ensure quality assurance.

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    FAQs About Painting Services in Singapore

    The cost of painting a 4-room flat in Singapore is started $750 to $2000. It depends on the paint type, the number of colours and painting service providers in Singapore. A 5-room flat painting costs $1,400 to $2,300 in Singapore. If you are interested in painting your flat, you should quote from different contractors and consider the project’s specific requirements.

    Painter charge in Singapore is $200 to $500 per day. Several factors select the rate of a painter’s charge per day, such as location, experience, type of project, complexity of the work, and more.

    You require 20–25 liters of paint for the walls and 20 liters for the ceiling for a 5-room HDB flat in Singapore. This is for 2 coats estimates. The actual estimates rely on factors such as the size of the rooms and the number of coats applied.

    You can cover about 200 square meters or 2,152 square feet of interior walls and ceilings with one coat of 20 liters of emulsion paint. You also cover approximately 1100 square feet of exterior with 20 litres of paint

    Generally, 1 liter of paint typically covers between 6 and 6.5 square meters of wall. You should use a paint calculator or consult a professional to determine the exact amount of paint needed.